Sparta vs Athen

This is a Role Play site about wolf pack enemies, based off of the Spartans an d Athens.
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 Join Sparta! :D

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PostSubject: Join Sparta! :D   Wed Jan 23, 2013 6:56 pm

Join Sparta!!

Where only the strong survive!

Spartens are the strongest and most skilled wolves in battle. They wast no time to start the training of pups at 5 months. Most Wolves here battle though only some females are allowed in this fighting. Females spar and train in the ways of sparta battling. Bith males and females are fit and produce strong pups. The hunters are captured wolves from rival packs. So their is no need for this unless they were born as this.

Alpha Pair- Controls the pack. They make strusture in the pack by inforcing rules and subbmission from pack members. They are the active mating pair and what they say should be considderd law.

Alpha Male- Taken

Alpha Female-Deseced

Betas - They are second in command and when the alphas are away, they take over in their place until they return.

Beta Male-Open

Beta Female-Open

War Genarl - They take lead in battles if allowed, they make battle plans and get the supplies ready for battle. Basicly they are in charge during a surprise attack, and defend their territory grounds with great furiosity and strength. These wolves are the ones promoted from being a Warrior, sometimes due to their great loyalty and figting skill.

War Genarl-open

New Genaral-open

Warriors -are the wolves who are skilled at battle
they know every move the enmey is about to make and reacts fast. They

Assassins-Must be earned

Lead Warrior-Earned easily


Femin Warriors- These are females who were accepted to train into battle. They are the skilldest females and often spar to show their strength. But they usally do this to males because they think they are weak. They are trained as assassins when they move up in this ranking.

Assassins-Must earn

Lead Femin-(Earned easily all you have to do is be the best fighter in RP)

Femin Warriors-Open

Warrior Trainers-They move up and down. They train Fightlets to fight, and when not doing this they are called Warriors.

Lead Warrior Trainer-Earned Easily

Warrior Trainers-Open

Fightlets- Fightlets are warriors in training. They start at the age of 5 months and end training with a ceremony at the age of 1.



Pups- Pups are at the age of new born to 5 months.


Pups of the ()-

To sign up copy, past, and fill this out:

Coat Base (what is the main color of your coat):
Eye Clolor:
Rank Wanted:
High Ranking Wanted:
Activeness in the pack:

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PostSubject: Re: Join Sparta! :D   Wed Jan 22, 2014 2:45 pm

Name: FlameSparky
Nickname: Whity
Gender: female
Skill: I'm smart and funny.
Age: 12?
Species: ?
Coat Base (what is the main color of your coat): White
Eye Clolor: Cyan
Crush: ?
Mate: -
Pups: -
Pergnate: -
Rank Wanted: Pup
High Ranking Wanted: -
Activeness in the pack: what ever I need.
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Join Sparta! :D
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