Sparta vs Athen

This is a Role Play site about wolf pack enemies, based off of the Spartans an d Athens.
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 Role-play Rules

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PostSubject: Role-play Rules   Sat Jan 26, 2013 1:29 am

Role-play Rules

1. Keep Out Of Character comments to a minimum. In the role-play areas there should be absolutely no OOC-only posts. All OOC must be clearly stated as such and accompanied with an In Character post. You can mark the OOC by placing it in brackets away from the main text, or within a spoiler*
(OOC=Out Of Character)

2. Posting minimum is 150 words per post. This gives the other role-players information to work off of. OOC comments in your posts do NOT count toward your total word count.*

3. No god-modding, or powerplaying. The act of moving, speaking, or placing a character when the owner has not stated the character's actions in the post you're responding to. This also includes no killing or maiming other characters without consent from their owners out of character. Exceptions can be made for pre-planned outcomes (please inform a mod or have an ooc comment of you both agreeing to it.) of fights or very young pups who need to be moved around.*

4. Realistic actions. This means no wolves climbing trees, no magic, running faster than the speed of light and jumping really far, etc. Not every single hunt is totally successful and easy. Mostly common sense stuff.*

5. No porn, gore or any other NSFW content. Role-play needs to be rated mainly at pg-13. If you want to rp something else that is considered higher rating, do it through Private Messages and it will not be included for the rp itself. If characters are mating then please make sure that the posts have no content other users may take as mature and just hint towards it.

6. We have liquid time here, this means you can rp one character in multiple threads. However, they need to be within a realistic area for traveling during the time it takes between threads. Also, we ask you don't go overboard with the threads. Who knows where one will lead and how your character will have to cope with it in another thread.

7. 6 months in real time is a year in game. That means one real month is 2
in the role-play. Have you character age according to those guidelines.

8. There are set seasons. You can find the announced seasons here All threads made in one season do not have to change seasons mid thread, instead, continue till finished in the same season it was started. Just be aware any new threads will need to start in the current season. Seasons will also state the events in areas as well as how much prey there is.

9. Smilies and in character posts: All smilies are thought of as out of character things and shouldn't be in character posts. They are not to be used as shows of emotion in the role-play itself.

ed]nter]Other Organisation Rules[/center]

1. Inactive or dead characters will be placed in the graveyard. Contact Afua for any removal of said characters, however characters that are dead may not be removed. If your account is inactive for 3 months or more your accepted biographies will be placed into the graveyard, you can ask for their removal if you return and want to use them. This rule is void if you've left a message for an absence on general discussion, a pack ooc thread, or told a moderator through pm.

2. There will be three packs per area. The exceptions are the Ice Sheet and Ravi which will have only two. This is due to the amount of food in the area so some territory is bigger than others. All packs must be formed in the role-play itself to be official. Anything out of character is just considered planning. Packs can become official by forming the pack in rp, having a pack page, and having three characters.

3. A minimum of three characters are needed to make a pack. This means three characters played by separate rpers. Example of minimum; Your character, User 1's character, and User 2's character. You can't create a pack with three of your own characters.

4. When two wolves have mated you need to contact Afua through pm. You will have a dice roll for all the needed information on the female getting pregnant, genders, how many and how healthy each puppy will be, etc. Females not in heat that mate will not have offspring due to it. Females will be able to go into heat during the winter. To reduce amounts of pups some pregnancies won't stick, and this will be determined by the same generator that makes litters.

5. Do not create multiple accounts! Use your base account and rp all your characters from it. If you are caught with two accounts, you will have to choose one to keep and others will be deleted. You'll be unable to make new characters until given further notice and any characters played on the other account will not be allowed to be integrated. All warnings any of the accounts received will be placed into the single account, and may result in a ban.*

*Warning System

Some of the starred rules above will get you a warning.

1. If you recieve three warnings your fourth rule break will result in a ban from the role-play section for one week and the last item you were banned for be deleted.

2. Fifth warning will result in a two week ban from the role-play section.

3. Sixth warning will result in a a month ban from the role-play section.

4. Seventh warning will result in a half year ban from the role-play section.

Year old warnings will still be logged but we may or may not hold them to this system at this point, depending on if the same rule is repeatedly broken multiple times and severity of the rule break.

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Role-play Rules
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