Sparta vs Athen

This is a Role Play site about wolf pack enemies, based off of the Spartans an d Athens.
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 New pack: Darkness Reigns

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PostSubject: New pack: Darkness Reigns   Sun Mar 24, 2013 4:03 pm

Usename: Caligraphy
Wolf name: Caligraphy
Gender: Female
Mate?: No
Mate username: No
Mate wolf name: No
Pups: No
Rank: Alpha
Pack Name: Darkness Reigns
Pack Members(someone else in your pack list their usernames here): Idk
Pack's Skill: Torture
Pack's Motto: All darkness is horror
Pack Rules: NO LIGHT CREATURES! No talk of trying to be a light creature (you will be murdered), Respect alphas, Respect all ranks above you, do not take advantage of being a high rank, do not discipline unless lower rank
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New pack: Darkness Reigns
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