Sparta vs Athen

This is a Role Play site about wolf pack enemies, based off of the Spartans an d Athens.
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 Sign up to be a Leader!

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PostSubject: Sign up to be a Leader!   Fri Jan 25, 2013 6:30 pm

Sign up to be a Leader!

You can become the leader of Sparta or the Athens but first you must kill the current leader. Which is RPed by me, you will not be able to kill him unless you sign up and it is approved by me. Once I approve you will have a battle against the current "Alpha" and become Alpha. Although you canNOT roleplay as my wolf for example: Killer bit down hard on Perclious and ripped his throart out. And before this Perclious whined.
Wtf? My wolf did not even get to react. Anyway once you have defeated the current "Alpha" you will automaticaly become Alpha. But the first born pup you have as Alpha will be my wolf. So for the Athens her name will be Athena you may choose her coat color and eye clolor though. For the Sparta's you may choose gender, coat, eye, and name of the pup.

You must have ALL of these requirements before you sign up:

    You HAVE an CURRENT active mate. (Make sure that your mate is on this site)

You have Alpha experince.
  • Role Play experince.

  • Obey the RULES athough you may create more rules for YOUR pack. But first notifiy me, and DON'T delete stuff without permission.

  • Be loyal and ACTIVE to your pack's Role Play.

If you will do all of this GOOD copy, past, and fill in this form:

Wolf Name:
Mate Username:
Mate Wolf name:
Pack you want to take over(Sparta or Athen):
Role Play sentence example(Hint make it good):
One Rule in Role Play(copy a rule from role play rules and past it here):

Now wait to be replied to.....
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Sign up to be a Leader!
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