Sparta vs Athen

This is a Role Play site about wolf pack enemies, based off of the Spartans an d Athens.
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 Wolf Member Of The Month!

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PostSubject: Wolf Member Of The Month!   Fri Jan 25, 2013 11:17 pm

Wolf Member Of The Month!

If you are member of the month you will be treated with respect of like that of a high beta for one week, you will be able to do more stuff then you did before. You may even gain a higher rank.

To get member of the month:

  • You are an active member

  • You posted more than 20 posts that are more than 4 words each.

  • You are loyal to the pack

  • You are recognized by the Alpha as an great member

  • You obey the rules.

  • etc...

The wolf pack member of the moth will be posted here every month.
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Wolf Member Of The Month!
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