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This is a Role Play site about wolf pack enemies, based off of the Spartans an d Athens.
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 Creating A Character

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PostSubject: Creating A Character    Sat Jan 26, 2013 12:57 am

Creating A Character

1. To make a character biography you need to click new topic in the biography section. The coded sheet will appear in the content area. Fill the template in and don't forget to delete the bracketed instructions. However! Please keep all coding within your bio. Coding is the bracketed b, u, i, center, and size=150, which all need to remain in the biography. Feel free to add colors but make sure they are able to be read with our dark background. You may delete optional fields in the biography, but you need to have all mandatory information filled out. Here is an example of how a finished bio should look like: [link]

2. If a biography is not to forum standard a moderator will post below saying what needs editing, and will place a [Edit!] in your biographies title. When you edit fully please remove this edit announcement to show us it is done. You may comment under your bio to get attention if you've edited or have completed a bio that has been a work in progress for a while(If you just posted it there is no need for an alert). Please do not pm or tell moderators in the chat. We're not to fond of having the bios shoved in our faces.

3. Name the topic as follows: Full name of your character - Sex. If your bio is unfinished please put "WIP" in the title - this way we won't accept or decline it before it's complete. However, if it stays as a WIP for over a month it will be moved to the graveyard. If you do not log into your account for three months your accepted bio may end up in the graveyard. If it is there, you can ask for its removal from Afua.

4. Character creation rules:

  • You may not play a guardian spirit of any species. This means no special/magical powers. We're allowing any characters with any shade of blue, but not purple or red eyes. Additionally we're not allowing pink eyes or any albinistic creatures.

  • We request you only have characters with realistic colors and fur. This means no neon colored wolves or wolves with manes or bangs. We do, however, allow unrealistic patterns like stars and hearts, as long as you don't get too carried away with them. We all adore uniquely designed characters as long as they fit the parameters.

  • Characters can't have accessories. They wouldn't be able to stay on them throughout their life and without thumbs it's kinda hard to put things on.

  • No canon or fan characters. This means no characters based off of ones from books, tv shows, movies, etc.

  • You may have three characters in the first three months. After that you may have one more each month that follows. If you would like another character and are at your limit, you must put one character into the graveyard first. We do ask you post with your first character a couple of times before making another one. We've had many people make lots of characters and yet never post them.

  • We ask that all histories keep human interaction to a minimum. If we think the interaction in a history is too much we'll ask that the history be changed.

  • If you're going to change something in a biography, its nice to let the mods know so later down the line when bios are reviewed we won't have to make you change something you've been rping.

  • Anyone wanting to create a pup that isn't adopted from a litter, pups must be 16 - 26 weeks of age or older, but be warned that they're not able to hunt for themselves and you may be asked to have a surrogate parent or guardian to help the character survive and teach it.

  • All images in your biography need to be done by you, properly credited if used with permission or free stock. Images used without proper credits and permissions will be taken down. We do check with artists if they've given permissions or not, so don't try to lie about getting permission if you need it. We're not fond of art theft on here.

5. If you want to create a non-wolf character: Please view the Species List to figure out what species you can make, and those that are banned. Once you’ve decided, head on over to the Restricted Characters Application thread to apply for any non-wolf species. The list doesn't hold all the species you are allowed to play, just a basic guideline. Ask Afua if you're interested in playing something not listed.

6. Wolf species and information on them: You can find a list of playable wolf species, as well as their height and weight ranges, in the Species list.

7. Your character needs to be accepted to start role-playing. That means a moderator has placed the following symbol under it as a comment.*
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Creating A Character
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